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Disability quotas

Do you have more than 20 employees and you are liable for the disability quota? Business cooperation with us can bring you cost optimization with disability quota replacement as an alternative to paying the contribution for employment of disabled persons.


Slovenian companies with 20 or more employees are a subject to a disability quota system designed to reduce unemployment of disabled persons, which requires them to employ from 2 to 6% of people with disabilities.


Companies can fulfil this obligation by one of the following three options:

  • To employ the required number of disabled persons in accordance with Regulation (Ur. l. RS, Nos. 32/07, 21/08 and 21/14)
  • To pay a contribution fee for the Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities Public Guarantee, Maintenance and Disability Fund Act, for every missing disabled on a monthly basis, amounting to 70% of the minimum wage,
  • With disability quota replacement in form of a business collaboration with social enterprise or employment centre, which in case of realization of the contractually agreed business, ensures that company liable for the disability quota has fully or partially met its obligation in such a manner.


As a social enterprise we enable our business partners to meet regulatory requirements of disability quotas by buying our products and services. We help potential partners with informative calculation of their disability quota duties and suggest them the optimal alternative activities for its replacement.


Total net value of provided services: 10,000 EUR

Share of labor costs in provided services: 45%

Value of labor costs in provided services: 4,500 EUR

Recognized substitute quota fulfillment:  4,500 EUR /  1,006.2 EUR* = 4,47 = 4 monthly contributions for one missing person

(Minimum gross salary currently in the Republic of Slovenia = 804.96 EUR)


MONTH SAVINGS: 4 x 563.47 EUR ** = 2,253.88 EUR


* 15/12 of the current minimum wage in the Republic of Slovenia

** the amount of monthly contribution for employment of disabled people (70% of the minimum wage in the Republic of Slovenia)


For all further information on the disability quota replacement please call us on +386 (0)590 73 614 or write us email at