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Smo strokovnjaki za celostne tiskarske in grafične rešitve. Na enem mestu nudimo vse, kar potrebujete za tisk od oblikovanja, priprave za tisk, tiska in dodelave ter svetovanja glede najprimernejših rešitev.
CH4, tiskarna, digitalni tisk, offset tisk, grafično oblikovanje, invalidsko podjetje, nadomestna izpolnitev invalidskih kvot
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To whom it may concern!


We would like to inform you that the company CH4 d.o.o. with registration number 2257955000 and VAT: SI 91199808 from now on operates under the changed company name PRIMA IP, invalidsko podjetje, d.o.o.,  abbreviated name PRIMA IP d.o.o. At the same time the company has expanded its range of services. Changes in the company name and services are registered at the representative court in Ljubljana and enter into force on October 11, 2018. The decision to change the company name represents a step forward in the creation of a successful brand PRIMA, which will help us achieve our business goals. The rest of the company data remain unchanged. Prima IP d.o.o. maintains a whole team of experts and all existing clients.


We kindly ask you for your attention when using the new company name. In accordance with the current legislation, we will be obliged to reject all documentation that will be addressed to the old company name after October 11, 2018. This is especially true for all received invoices, delivery notes, and other bussiness documents.


Old company data:

CH4 d.o.o.

Brnčičeva ulica 31

SI-1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče


New company data:

Prima IP d.o.o.

Brnčičeva ulica 31

SI-1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče


With kind regards,

Team Prima IP